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Journal articles


·         Data cloning estimation of GARCH and COGARCH models. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 2014, In press (with M.T. Rodriguez-Bernal, E. Romero).

·         Bayesian modeling of bacterial growth for multiple populations. Annals of Applied Statistics, 2014, In Press (with M.P. Wiper, A.P. Palacios).

·         Inputación de ingresos en la Gran Encuesta Integrada de Hogares (GEIH) de 2010. Revista Desarrollo y Sociedad de Colombia, 70, Dec. 2012. (with M.I. Restrepo).

·         Tracking Temporal Trend Breaks of Anthropogenic Change in Mussel Watch (MW) Databases. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2012, 46(21), 11515-11523 (with C. Guitart, A. Hernández-del-Valle and J. Benedicto).

·         Financial density selections. The European Journal of Finance, 2012. In Press. DOI:10.1080/1351847X.2012.706906 (with G. Sucarrat).

·         Multiple hypothesis testing and clustering with mixtures of non-central t-distributions applied in microarray data analysis. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 2012, 56 p. 1898-1907 (with M.T. Rodríguez-Bernal).

·         Bayesian software reliability prediction using software metrics information. Quality Technology and Quantitative Management, 2012, 9(1) p. 35-44 (with M.P. Wiper, A.P. Palacios).

·         Optional Accounting Criteria under IFRSS and Corporate Characteristics: Evidence from Spain. Spanish Accounting Review, 2011, 14(1), (with J. Aledo Martínez, F. García Martínez).

·         Non-linear models of disability and age applied to Census Data. Journal of Applied Statistics, 2011, 38(10), p. 2151-2163 (with I. Albarran and P.J. Alonso).

·         Classification of Genomic Sequences via Wavelet Variance and a Self-Organizing Map with an Application to Mitochondrial DNA. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 2010, 9(1), 27 (with A. Jach).

·         Spatial matching of multiple configurations of points with a Bioinformatics application. Commun. Statist. Th. and Meth, 2008, 37, p. 1977-1995 (with C. Nieto).

·         A Multivariate exponential power distributions as mixtures of normal distributions with Bayesian applications. Commun. Statist. Th. and Meth, 2008, 37(06) p. 972-985 (with E. Gómez and M.A. Gómez Villegas).

·         Evaluación del impacto originado por la primera aplicación en España de las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera 2006, Ed. AECA (Ministry of Economy), Madrid, M-32538-2006 (con J. Aledo Martínez and F. García Martínez).

·         Sequences of elliptical distributions and mixtures of normal distributions. J. Multiv. Anal., 2006, 97, p. 295-310 (with E. Gómez and M.A. Gómez Villegas).

·         Using Weibull mixture distributions to model heterogeneous survival data, Commun. Statist. Sim. and Comp., 2005, 34(3), p. 673-684 (with M.T. Rodríguez Bernal and M. Wiper).

·         Inference for some stochastic process models related with sow management. J. Appl. Stat., 2005, 32(8), p. 797-812 (with L.M. Plà and D. Ríos).

·         Bayesian Methods in Plant Conservation Biology. Biological Conservation, 2003, 113(3), p. 379-387 (with R. Montes and D. Ríos).

·         A survey on continuous elliptical vector distributions. Revista Matemática Complutense, 2003, 16(1), p. 345-361 (with E. Gómez and M.A. Gómez Villegas).

·         A matrix variate generalization of the power exponential family of distributions. Commun. Statist. Th. and Meth. 2002, 31(12), p. 2167-2182 (with E. Gómez and M.A. Gómez Villegas).

·         Continuous elliptical and exponential power linear dynamic models. J. Multiv. Anal., 2002, 83, p. 22-36 (with E. Gómez and M.A. Gómez Villegas).

·         Response to the letter to the Editor. Commun. Statist. Th. and Meth., 2001, 30(5) p. 989-992 (with E. Gómez and M.A. Gómez-Villegas).

·         Modelos dinámicos lineales para predicciones turísticas. Estudios Turísticos, 2000, 146, p. 95-104 (with E. Fernández, J.M. Olmeda and D. Ríos Insua).

·         Minimum distance estimation of mutational parameters for quantitative traits. Biometrics, 1998, 54(3) p. 214-230 (with A. García-Dorado).

·         A multivariate generalization of the power exponential family of distributions. Commun. Statist. Th. and Meth. 1998, 27(3) p. 589-600 (with E. Gómez and M.A. Gómez Villegas).




Book chapters


·         Modelling the Skewed Exponential Power Distribution in Finance. (2011) In Cira Perna and Marilena Sibillo (Eds.): Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Actuarial Sciences and Finance (Springer) (with G. Sucarrat).

·         Análisis de la información presentada por las empresas cotizadas sobre su proceso de transición a las NIIF, 2005, in Armonización y Gobierno de la Diversidad, Ed. AECA (Ministry of Economy), Madrid, ISBN 84-8959-92-7 (with J. Aledo Martínez and F. García Martínez).

·         Some models for Down's syndrome risk prediction, en Gatsonis et al. eds. Lecture Notes in Statistics. Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics Vol. VI, p. 301-311, 2003, Ed. Springer Verlag (with R. Montes and D. Ríos).

·         A robust version of the dynamic linear model with an economic application, en Ruggeri, Ríos eds. Robust Bayesian analysis, p. 373-384, 2000, Ed. Springer Verlag.

·         Los centros públicos de Investigación como agentes de transferencia tecnológica: políticas del CDTI 1988-1995, en Ed. Libros de la Catarata. Geografía de la Innovación: ciencia, tecnología y territorio en España, 1999 (with P. Girón and C. Nieto).




Articles under evaluation


·         Bayesian inference and data cloning in population projection matrices (with J. de la Horra and M.T. Rodriguez-Bernal). In Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics.

·         Reference Priors for the parameters of the Exponential Power Distribution (with M.A. Gomez-Villegas and L. Sanz). In The Canadian Journal of Statistics.

·         Why using a general model in Solvency II is not a good idea: An explanation from a Bayesian point of view (with I. Albarran and P. Alonso). In Evaluation Review





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