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Semiparametric and distance-based methodologies with applications to bioinformatics, finance and risk management


The center (of gravity) of this project is the study of a collection of statistical methods, among which distance based ones play a predominant role. Their main characteristics are:

1)    They originate in the need to supply solutions to problems arising in quite diverse scientific disciplines, ranging from Medicine or Sociology to Actuarial or Financial Risk Management.

2)    They are capable of handling large or huge datasets, heterogeneous data from several information sources and possibly having a partially or totally non numeric nature (e.g., functional data, financial series, DNA sequences).

3)    They take advantage of concepts from Classical or Bayesian Statistics together with resources from Machine Learning, which prompts us to name them Semiparametric Methods.

The balanced theoretical and practical orientation of this research facilitates transfer of its results to application areas.

Research topics:

Distance-Based Methods, Goodness-of-fit, Semiparametric Methods for Volatility Models

Research team:

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Universitat de Barcelona

Inst. Català d’Oncologia












J Miguel Marín



Eva Boj

Josep Fortiana

Anna Esteve

Recent contributions (international journals only):

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